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With more than 15 years' experience in senior team facilitation around the world, Geraldine can help accelerate the development of a high performing team. With Geraldine teams work on real business agendas with their conversations reshaped to build better outcomes.  Her team facilitation work accelerates trust and develops the skills to have effective, challenging conversations. The focus is on building a climate of truthfulness and aligning to a common agenda with shared accountability and mutual support.

Each team intervention is bespoke and designed together with the team leader, who has the opportunity to observe and facilitate their team differently and therefore reframe their role as an effective team leader. Best results flow from an initial two-day meeting with a follow-up after three and six months.


She is currently facilitating team development through online capability and understanding how a virtual teams need to build new ways of working and collaboration.


Behavioural and business outcomes evaluated 

Senior Leadership Teams

Co-created, bespoke intervention

Private, public and non-profit sectors

"An effective executive team building based on understanding each other’s drives and background leading to courageous conversations, closely facilitated by a seasoned coach."
Senior Leadership Team member - Save the Children International


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