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If you are a newly appointed CEO, or a senior executive making a significant leadership transition, research shows you have only 100 days to build your credibility. With coaching support you can adapt and settle quickly to ensure your leadership success. Or you may know that you are not currently at your best, yet keen to maximise your potential and enhance your performance quickly. Geraldine's coaching practice will enable you to reconnect with your signature strengths and values to fulfil your true potential as a leader.


How can Geraldine help you? 

Leadership today is about constantly dealing with complex challenges in an unpredictable environment and with a multi-generational workforce to engage. This requires new leadership skills and habits.


Geraldine will help you to reach your full leadership potential by:

  • assessing your strengths with you, as these will always be the basis of your best performance;

  • building new leadership habits that will help you reach your chosen goals with ease; 

  • developing a pragmatic workaround plan for leadership habits that are not your strengths;

  • providing you with tools and strategies to build followership and accelerate the performance of your team; 

  • using a holistic approach that includes work, family and how you take care of yourself.



Behavioural and business outcomes evaluated 

Flexible programme

Access to online resources 

Support with networking 

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