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We provide creative, tailored support to individuals, teams, managers and organisations on wellbeing and resilience. We combine Anna's focus on wellbeing with Geraldine's expertise in global leadership and organisation development to provide  deeper, integrated solutions. We work with small and major organisations with specialism in the non-profit sector.


  • Pro-active - rather than just reactive

  • Solutions-focused - practical, applicable actions that          create measurable improvement

  • Collaborative - supporting people to find their own individualised solutions, based on a coaching approach

  • Engaging shared responsibility - between the individual, team and organisation

  • Experimental and creative

  • Mindfulness-based 


  • Wellbeing health-check reports and recommendations for organisations and teams

  • Designing and running wellbeing ‘pulse check’ surveys to track measurable results

  • Facilitating teams in wellbeing discussions

  • Supporting teams to create wellbeing agreements and action plans

  • Focus groups to identify team or organisational wellbeing challenges and opportunities

  • Advising managers in supporting the wellbeing of their team

  • Working on organisation-wide wellbeing initiatives and culture change

  • Facilitating HR teams to explore their role in wellbeing

  • Bespoke wellbeing e-learning and stand-alone guides for managers and staff

  • Increasing connection and supportive culture for multi-locational teams

  • Individual wellbeing coaching

  • Individual wellbeing plans

  • Workshops and webinars on wellbeing, resilient thinking and meditation

And we are keen to work with clients to develop new, innovative solutions.

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