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Adapting to new leadership era:

As we emerge from the challenges of Covid 19 there will be a new normal for organisational life with proactive wellbeing at the centre.

HRDs will be expected to pivot their focus and people-practices. To accelerate their thinking HRDs could benefit from an independent thinking partner to walk alongside them. Geraldine's hands-on HR experience, combined with her current wide client expertise and avid knowledge of current leadership research, places her in a unique position to offer mentoring to HRDs.

The role of an HRD is both challenging and lonely, with the dual challenge of delivering effective people processes whilst also being the conscience of the organisation. Creating a climate of truthfulness around the CEO is probably the biggest challenge of all. 


Geraldine’s experience of working closely with many CEOs and Human Resources Directors, together with her experience holding global specialist and generalist HR roles, means she can guide you to fulfil your potential.


Her hands-on HR experience, combined with her coaching and facilitation training, places Geraldine in a unique position to offer mentoring to HRDs.

Flexible sessions 

Personal and work goal setting

Performance and developmental goals evaluated 

Access to external networks

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