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Geraldine Haley



A psychologist by training, Geraldine started her career in the public sector and then transitioned through fmcg to financial services. Over the years, she has held global HR roles with responsibility for talent management, executive development, management training, succession planning, executive resourcing, culture and engagement. She lived and worked in Asia for nearly a decade, with Standard Chartered Bank, where she led the HR function of a global business. During a wide-ranging career, Geraldine has worked across Asia, Africa, the Middle East and the Americas. This has given her a unique insight into cultural differences and inclusion.


She set up GH Consulting to expand her OD knowledge and experiences and to invest more time with non-profit organisations. She is also part of the founder facilitation team for the Forward Institute that offers a consortium 18 month programme on Responsible Leadership and is currently setting up a coaching practice for them.

Geraldine's work has been the subject of research and publications, highlighting the contribution she has made to leadership performance. She is a regular speaker and panel member, recently contributing twice to BBC Radio 4's Analysis.

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Anna Fraser



Anna is a wellbeing consultant who works with individuals, teams, managers

and organisations to improve the resilience and happiness of the people who work there. With a background in the charity sector, she specialises in the not-for-profit sector, supporting clients such as Save the Children International. She also works with teams in small and major commercial organisations.

Anna has training in psychology, coaching and mental health first aid, with an interest in encouraging open discussion and support for mental health in the workplace.

Anna has over 10 years practice and training in meditation and mindfulness, taught by some of the world’s leading meditation teachers. She spent two years living in Buddhist monasteries where she trained as a novice Buddhist nun. She is keen to support people to benefit from meditation in daily life.

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